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Address from Chairman

Xiamen C&D was set up in 1980 with the establishment of Xiamen Special Economic Zone. After struggling in the market for over thirty years, C&D has developed into a large-scale industry & investment enterprise group in Fujian Province covering the business scope of supply chain operations, real estate development, tourism&hotels and conference&exhibition, investment,etc. It has been ranking first of Top 100 Enterprise Groups in Fujian Province for several consecutive years.

For more than thirty years, by sticking to the enterprise spirit of "unity, dedication, faithfulness and aggressiveness", along with active exploration, brave innovation and standardized management, we have gradually formulated a relatively scientific development strategy, constructed a group development framework, cultivated a sustainable profitability, established unique enterprise culture, developed a talent team with high comprehensive capability and dedicated spirit and laid a solid foundation for a new round of development. All of these provide us with a good basis and forceful guarantee for a pleasant and long-term cooperation with you.

Let's join our hands and cooperate sincerely in the future to surpass ourselves and build up our new dream in enterprise development!

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